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  1. Adapt the title you want to see on the button : e.g. Login into Corporate Server
  2. Copy Paste the IdP xml in the field

    If you are using ADFS the XML can be retrieved from this url : 

    Code Block
  3. If you are using SimpleSAMLPhp see Configure SimpleSamlPhp for more detailed info
  4. For Google Suite see Configure Google Apps

    See also Configure your IdP Server for more info how to get this

  5. The SP Entity Id must be unique, so you can use the baseUrl of your application
  6. Set the MaxAuthenticationAge according to your IdP provider: Setting the MaxAuthenticationAge
  7. Adjust the different features provided by the plugin : see Features

Step 3 : Configure the IdP


The SP xml can be retrieved by surfing to the following url : <baseurl>/plugins/servlet/saml/config

More documentation for specific Identity providers can be found in Configure your IdP Server


Step 4 : Test the Single Sign On.