Sometimes when submitting a problem, we need to have more information for reproducing the problem


Option 1
  1. Check "Enable Debug Log" and hit "Save" (if "Enable Debug Log" is not available, upgrade the plugin to the latest version or check "option 2").

Option 2
  1. Goto Logging and Profiling page or type <g> <g> Logging and Profiling

  2. Click on Configure logging level for another package.
  3. Enter eu.toimproveit.saml as package name and select Logging Level to DEBUG

Reproduce the problem

After enabling debug logging, try using/configuring the plugin again and in case of a failure:

Option 1
  1. Download configuration and attach this file to the ticket
  2. Download logging and attach this file to the ticket
Option 2
  1. Create a support zip and attach it to the ticket